Monthly Problem Sets

Every Monthly Problem Set for grades 5 and 6 contains 15 problems - three in each of five categories: Number and Operation; Algebra; Geometry and Measurement; Ratios/Rates and Data/Probability; and General. The grade 4 Monthly Problem Sets are now available as part of the "Intrepid Math" series at Each set contains 8 problems correlated with specific Common Core math standards. 

The problems are challenging, so each set should be plenty for a month's worth of work! All problems are aligned to the MN State Math Standards, and the grade 4 problems have a common core alignment as well. I am working on creating a Common Core alignment for grades 5 and 6. In the meantime, those using the Common Core Standards should still find that the problems reasonably reflect (and extend) those standards as well, even though I have not yet shown a precise alignment. 

A separate page of solutions (with some comments) is provided for each Monthly Problem Set. Most problems have many routes to a solution, so even when comments are available, students will have other strategies and questions. They may learn even more if you encourage them to collaborate in solving them!

I appreciate any feedback you may have, especially if you find typographical or mathematical errors. Please use the Contact link to reach me. Thank you!