Monthly Problem Sets


The Monthly Problem Sets are designed to challenge advanced and adventurous learners in grades 5 and 6. They are also appropriate for older students who are working at or near grade level.

The problems are organized in grids of 15 problems each according to math content strands: Number and Operation; Algebra; Geometry; and Data and Probability, Ratios and Rates. There is also a General category that develops general problem-solving skills. Problems that address multiple strands appear under a heading for one of the relevant strands.

The problems vary quite a bit in difficulty. Be prepared—many of them, especially from the later sets, are very challenging and require a lot of time and determination. In fact, students will typically not be able to complete every problem on the page within one month. However, they can learn a lot by trying!

A separate page of solutions (with some comments) is provided for each set. Most problems have many routes to a solution, so even when comments are available, students will have other strategies and questions.

I appreciate feedback regarding typographical and mathematical errors or any ideas you have to improve the problems. You may use this contact link to reach me.

Grade 5 Monthly Problem Sets                    Grade 6 Monthly Problem Sets