Copying a Flyer - Noticing and Wondering


I wonder if the 160% refers to the side lengths or the area of the poster.
I wonder what copier setting would return the poster to its original size.
I notice that a setting of 40% doesn't make sense.
I wonder if a "double number line" could help me understand this problem.
I wonder if the setting that I would need depends on the size of the original flyer.
I notice that the "whole" changes in the middle of the problem!

After students have found the setting that returns the flyer to its original size:
I wonder what the connection is between 160% and my answer of 62.5%.

adapted from Advanced Common Core Math Explorations: Ratios, Proportions, and Similarity (p. ) by Jerry Burkhart.
Copyright 2016, Prufrock Press:
 Waco, TX. Reproduced with permission.