Jerry Burkhart
Consulting, Speaking, Professional Development
5280 Math Education LLC

Specialty: I provide practical resources, tools, and strategies for integrating depth into math programming and instruction for advanced learners. I work by getting to know you and your school or district and tailoring our efforts to meet your needs.

Speaking, Professional Development, Consulting:

  • Identifying, creating, aligning, and implementing deep tasks that extend math standards for advanced learners (grades 1 – 8)

  • General consulting (programming, identification, general problem solving)

  • Supporting communication between teachers, parents, administrators, and other stakeholders

  • Using formative and summative assessment effectively with talented math students

  • Motivating talented math students

  • Meeting emotional needs of talented math students

  • Creating a classroom culture that supports mathematical challenge

  • Implementing Advanced Common Core Math Explorations in your classroom or school (Grades 5 – 8)

  • Defining and applying appropriate uses of math acceleration

Delivery of Services:  Resources; instructional modeling, observation, and reflection; interactive workshops; presentations; individual and team consulting


Advanced Common Core Math Explorations: Factors and Multiples (2014)
Advanced Common Core Math Explorations: Numbers and Operations (2014)
Advanced Common Core Math Explorations: Fractions (2014)
Advanced Common Core Math Explorations: Measurement and Polygons (2015)
Advanced Common Core Math Explorations: Ratios, Proportions, and Similarity (2016)
Advanced Common Core Math Exploration: Probability and Statistics (2017)

To see all six books, please use this link: Advanced Common Core Math Explorations.

All six books are published by Prufrock Press.



  • Experience: 20 years of teaching talented math students

  • Experience: 7 years professional development/coaching

  • Education: M.A., Mathematics: M.A.T., Math Education