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Note: This page is still under development.

This page offers suggestions for books that spark curiosity and nurture a love of math for talented and curious students. Some of the books may fit into your classroom instruction, but most of them are simply for students' independent enjoyment and enrichment. The age range spans early elementary to high school and adult.


The Number Devil, by Hans Magnus Enzensberger.
The Number Devil has been a favorite of my students (and of mine) for many years. It is the story of twelve-year-old Robert and an irascible, math-loving devil whom he dreams about when he goes to sleep each night. The Number Devil takes Robert on mathematical and historical journeys through large and small numbers, the Pascal triangle, Fibonacci patterns, factorials, triangular numbers, networks and nets, logic, Klein bottles, and more. Robert is skeptical at first, because his math classes have always been about memorizing rules and solving meaningless problems. But, in the end, the Number Devil wins him over, and Robert discovers his own inner mathematician. Illustrations by Rotraut Susanne Berner bring the mathematics and the cantankerous devil to life. Whenever I share this book with students, the school media centers order multiple copies to ensure that they have enough on hand to meet demand. The Number Devil is a colorful, amusing, and enlightening mathematical treat.

Martin Gardner

Keith Devlin

Brian Greene

Remainder of One


PF Monsters



Please contact me to let me know of other math books or authors that have captured your students' imaginations! I would love to share them on this page.